al-Fawzan: En student stannar inte vid en gräns. Han söker kunskap tills han dör. Den som säger att det räcker har bara lurat sig själv och varit okunnig. (Sharh-ud-Durrah, sid. 278)


Är i skolan på dagarna och jobbar på kvällarna så det är inte mycket jag hinner med subhanaAllah, från nästa vecka ska jag ändra mitt schema till 3 ggr i veckan så att jag får lite fritid oxå haha , hur som helst - här en dikt jag tyckte om som heter : Allah is watching 

There's not a secret you can hide
There's not a way you can lie.
You think you can skip prayers..
They say: who cares?.
You listen to songs
But oh how you are wrong.
You seem so happy
But inside your head
You're full of dread.
Yes, Allah is Watching.
Do you know it is all written?
Nothing you are gettin'
It seems you're full of regret
You sweat as there is some threat
It's time for you to ask for forgiveness
You are a false witness.
Allah is all Merciful.
Does Allah not know what you do?
What you hide?
There is time for forgiveness
Until the soul reaches the throat
It is the word that Allah write.
So ask for mercy
Bow down to your Lord
You will surely cry
Many tears in your eyes
Then Allah does bless you
For He is oft-Forgiving and oft-Merciiful.
Do you then realize..
That all this time..
You are doing a great crime?
And that Allah knows

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